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TEDx - The Magical Power of Fear

What feels like many moons ago I gave a talk at TEDx City of London entitled The Magical Power of Fear in which I talked about overcoming my fear of public speaking and offering some strategies for how to move past those fears that hold you back. I recently revisited my talk as I still often get messages from people for whom it's resonated and helped them and really enjoyed some of hte wisdom that I shared, which is still as relevant today for anyone wanting to move past fears and limiting beliefs that they hold.

The funny story connected to this talk is that it came about after I had written a piece for the HuffPost discussing how I'd gotten over my fear of public speaking. A few days after it was published someone from TEDx called me up and asked if I'd speak at their event in the City of London. In that moment I was terrified (!) but of course I said yes and there started a bit of a journey releasing even more fear around it all.

My own personal development has moved on so much since then as I have also become older and wiser. Now, as then, I help others to move past the limitations they feel, but now I have a much broader field of experience to draw on and a much more evolved way of working. So if you are interested in letting go of fears, unhelpful limiting beliefs or just want to deepen your experience of life do get in contact and we can have a chat about how I can help.

This work is incredible life changing and powerful. Fear can be transformational when you know how to move through it.


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