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Alcaudete Mountains, Spain.HEIC


One-to-one Transformational Therapy and Coaching, 

Restorative Retreats and Immersions.

Would You Like Support to Help You Move Towards the Next Phase of Your Life or Work?

So often those who help others are not yet experiencing what they need in life. It's ironic that those who are expert at making a positive difference to others often don't have the space they need for themselves. 


My passion is in working with people like you who are here to give something back.

I work with people who benefit from a nurturing space to explore, to let go of what you no longer need to hold, to receive curated therapies, treatments and time from someone who knows how to help you just where you're at, help to dream and plan the next steps, and reconnect to your enlivened and inspired self far more fully that you are doing right now. 


  • Perhaps you might birth something new or uplevel what you already do.

  • Perhaps you will come on one of our Andalucian retreats to rest and heal and feel the warm sun on your skin, walk, swim, receive teachings and classes designed especially for you and a small group of people like you.

  • Perhaps you will feel more joy and fulfilment. 

  • Perhaps, with the support of someone who cares about you and what you do, you will enjoy the space to re-vision your beliefs, stories, hopes and dreams for this next stage in your life.


If life’s circumstances, your beliefs, self confidence or some other pattern is holding you back I can help you to connect more deeply into your most inspired dream of life.

Expert Guidance

With expert guidance to support you, receive whatever you need most right now. 



Spiritual connection

Emotional freedom

Strategic support




I have supported thousands of people in creating their most inspired vision of life and would love to talk to you about what you need and how I can help. You can find out more about me and my qualifications here and please feel free to get in contact to have a chat where we can explore the possibilities. 



Space For You

the offering

The first step is to book a free call where we can spend time together and explore the possibilities.

This could include:

One-to-one sessions over 3 or 6 months.

One-to-one deep-dive half day retreat.

An 'Inspired Self' Retreat.

An R&R Retreat.

A private immersion experience.

One-to-ones are either in person in London or Spain, or online.

Retreats and Immersions are held at our beautiful Inspired Life Centre in Andalusia, Spain. 

From time-to-time it is possible to arrange private immersions wherever you are in the world*. Please mention on enquiring if this is something you would like to explore.

*Subject to schedule availibility

Treasuring the weeds _
Mountain Path


Working with me takes many forms. Sometimes we may cosy up in a room to do the deep changework that frees up old patterns of thinking and behaviour, and sometimes a new perspective may be best found at the top of a mountain. The Inspired Self in all its forms is just waiting to be discovered inside of you more fully. Wherever you are on your own personal path, the next inspired step is waiting.  

Inspired Life Centre.jpg


Sometimes we mistake a way of behaving as an identity level problem. What you do is not who you are but how would it feel to enjoy so much more of who you are and what you do? When a new door opens and that shifts so much becomes possible, from dreaming of new work creations to how we relate to those we love, everything becomes possible when we open the door to becoming the most free and expanded version of ourselves.

Inspired Life Centre | Retreat Centre Spain.jpg


Often creating space in amongst busy lives can be difficult to do. But how important space is - to dream and vision, to plan, to feel, to receive, to rest. My clients have dedicated space in their diaries for our time together, either once a week or month, or on a retreat or private immersion. You can too. Just drop me a line telling me what you need and we can take it from there. 

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