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Writing prompts for change and personal transformation | Notebook | Coffee shop

Personal change and transformation is created and maintained by a combination of conscious shifts, unconscious (or subconscious) changes and somatic changes in the way the body holds itself and it's patterns. 

We are beings of movement and flow. We need the in breath and the out breath, we need free-flowing of expression of all colours and textures and and it is important for our health and wellbeing to allow all that we are. 

But we tend to learn from a young age that only certain feelings and experiences are desired by the world and we begin to shut down. We clamp down our breath, our range of expression, our connection to who we are. We censor our personal stories and tell only the ones that match who we think we should be. And when things get stuck we start to feel all of this and then wonder why life isn't working as we want it to be. 

Decision making is compromised, our personal relationships suffer, health becomes affected, sleep patterns become less than healthy and in many other ways our bodies and minds begin to operate in a less than optimal way. 

My clients all share one thing in common that they often don't realise:- they are all having a very human experience of life and as a trusted coach and therapist I get the overview on how exquisitely beautiful each of those lives are, in all of their colours and with whatever is going on emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. We do our best with what we know, and when we can know that to release and allow so much more of who we are, so much more flow, love and appreciation, miracles happen. 

Writing can be a wonderful way to create more of this movement and flow. We can do this as journalling whatever is going on for us - by noting the content of our lives - and by using specific writing prompts and exercises that delve into unconscious and hidden realms. And if we are working together at the time, it can create a deeper shift to take what you are exploring into your sessions with me to delve into more understanding and release and freeing some of the more tightly held patterns with someone who is well trained to help.

In of itself is a powerful and transformational practice to write in these ways. You can play and express and allow your pen to take you to all kinds of places. Sometimes it can feel freeing, sometimes enlightening, sometimes you may feel long forgotten things and all sorts of other experiences will occur for you. To write is to allow the inside out and to take so much more notice of all of the colours and textures of this world that we live in. It can be beautiful and mundane. Happy and sad. It is all the experiences. Below I outline a few different ways you can play with this and create a writing practice that works for you.

Daily Journalling

Each morning, take a beloved notebook and pen, open it at a fresh page and spend 10 minutes writing. It doesn't matter what you write about just put the pen to paper and let the words flow.
What are you thinking, feeling, worried about, happy about, what questions do you have, what answers come? 
Just don't stop. Let the pen move for 10 minutes without being still. 
This doesn't have to be 'good'. No one needs to ever see it. Think of it as emptying out a full cup.

Writing Prompts for Change and Transformation

These are some really helpful prompts to get you going on another form of writing. Therapeutic exploration. Once again, this doesn't have to be 'right' or 'good' just allow it to flow. Set a timer and don't stop writing no matter what. Don't engage your thinking mind here, it is your unconscious mind that you want to bring to the fore and this comes from a place of flow.
After you can look for any patterns and allow any insights to come. Note them down too - perhaps through the day.
And if you want to explore anything more fully then please do get in touch. Shuold you wish to you can book a session via my contact page here

Exploring a Particular Emotion, Feeling or Experience.

For example if you want to work with anger:
Angry is...
And it feels like...
The opposite of anger is... (x - note for later)
When I feel angry I...
I know I am angry when...
When I feel anger my body feels like...
I know I am not angry when...

What my anger wants me to know...
What my 'x' wants me to know...


Exploring dreams and desires


I long for... and... and...



If I had unlimited belief in myself and the world I would...

Things you would ask for, do say, think, believe, change.

Dive into a deep exploration of all the things, ideas beliefs that would be different if you had that belief. 

Writing Feelings and Sensations

All the words I know for feelings and sensations. 

Write down all the descriptive words you know for feelings and what they feel like to you and where they live in your body. No need to be rigid in this as they will change and morph even as you are writing them - and this is the point.

We tend to have a limited range of expression that when we open it up allows a greater flow than we might have imagined possible. 

If I had unlimited belief in myself and the world I would be more grateful for...

If I had unlimited belief in myself and the world I would celebrate this...

I Remember

Sometimes we want to open our memory bank in order to understand a experience more fully and to reframe difficult things we may have held on to, or to bring more colour and texture to pleasure experiences to open up our aperture to greater feelings of pleasure and sensation and life-force. When doing this exercise please be sensitive to yourself as the point is never to re-traumatise from a difficult time.  We do not need to re-live painful experiences in order to become free of the effects of them. For that there are powerful therapeutic interventions that can be used.

This exercise is designed to allow a greater range of connection to who you are and the life you are living and to experience a greater sense aliveness in your whole being. 

I remember... (write this over and over)

e.g. 'I remember eating a peach and the juice spilling down my arm and under the scratchy wool of my jumper's sleeve'

'I being very small and kneading dough whilst standing on a stool. The kitchen walls a sunflower yellow and the sun bright and dazzling through the open window.'

'I remember the smell of my mother's hair when it had just been washed.'

'I remember being shouted at in the doorway to my living room and I don't remember why.'

I remember the colour of my morning coffee - brown against a sage green coffee cup and saucer and the sound of the spoon meeting the stone table underneath.'

'I remember waking in the morning to the sound of the Pacific ocean crashing underneath the bedroom where I lay and the warmth of the sun sneaking through white curtains and falling across the face of my love.'


Today I am celebrating myself for...

(whatever is going on for you today find three celebrations of yourself. They can be anything at all but go big and congratulate yourself in the most loving way you know how.


I am grateful for...

(write this as a stream of consciousness)

I am grateful for my son's smile, I am grateful for the crispy colourful salad at lunch, I am grateful for the flowers on my desk, I am grateful for the soft cushion that I am sitting on, I am grateful for the colour purple on the quilt that I was handed to keep warm and cosy yesterday, I am grateful for my full breath, I am grateful that the cut is healing on my finger, I am grateful for the note sent by a friend this morning, I am grateful that the bookshop had just what I needed, I am grateful for my computer that I am writing this on today...

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