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Transformational Coaching - A Powerful Alternative To Life-Coaching.

Coaching takes many forms and comes in many different packages. You may have encountered life -coaching or business coaching before as it is often provided in the workplace aiming for a specific skills outcome or wellbeing goal.

However this isn't life-coaching, or pure business coaching either. You won't be asked to set any SMART goals and actually it is rare that I will ask you to fill in any worksheets at all. If I'm honest I dislike the term life-coaching as it has been
hijacked as a 'profession' often by unscrupulous training providers giving certifications after just a short weekend 'life-coaching' course. This makes it very difficult to be able to assess the quality of practitioner that you're hiring.


I have termed what I do Transformational Coaching. Working with me you will, over and over again, have the deep insights that mean so much shifts for you on a fundamental level. And then I have the tools and techniques to embed this for you, so it is lasting change and positively impactful in the areas that will make the greatest difference to you.  This journey is different for everyone, but on a basic level I take my coaching clients on a journey of clearing, connecting and creating. A three part process with infinite possibilities for each individual, with inspiring outcomes.

How is this different to therapy or life-coaching?
I spent a number of years working as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner. In my clinic I would see people who would be experiencing problems as wide ranging as anxiety, panic attacks or depression to insomnia, confidence issues or habits and patterns of behaviour that they would wish to be free of. Cognitive Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective at shifting these issues, but then what? How to integrate that freedom from what has been holding you back into your life and create so much more of the life you want to be living?

And if you want to start from a place, not of a therapeutic issue, but of already having what you need and wanting to enhance and refine, that is more than possible too. With the tools and techniques I use we can start with the really great and turn it to world-class and inspiring. Wherever you're at is where we start from. It's an exciting journey. 
Less of What You Don't Want and More of What You Do

We are all human and all having limiting patterns of thought and behaviour that hold us back. I created this method of coaching that clears these patterns early on in our work together to create a clear canvas for you to work from. And because I am skilled in working with whatever comes up for you, nothing is too much, or out of bounds. We go wherever we need to, starting with this clearing and then diving in to the exploration of what else becomes possible and practically and emotionally, what you need to have in place to create it.  

And sometimes our work will involve me suggesting other things you might want to try also, such as breathwork, movement, or a body-work technique. Whatever it seems is needed is where we go - at your pace and in your own way - for the creation of your inspired and inspiring life.

How Can Transformational Coaching Help You?

This is a supportive journey that can focus on so many different areas. Things my clients have worked on in our sessions include:

- Letting go of limiting beliefs and creating new positive and supportive ones on a deep unconscious level.
- Getting clear on the deep motivations for what they do to supercharge their mission. 

- Strategic inspired thinking and support with a new business idea. 
- Creative sessions to plot out a new book or a movie idea.
- Relationship therapy and coaching.
- Positive parenting strategies.
- Connecting to the power of intuition and trust.
- How to use their public profile to create more good in the world.
- Clarification of a message or legacy project.
- Presentation and speaking skills.
- Overcoming health issues and restrictions.
- Creating an ideal business structure to support their desired lifestyle.
- Spiritual exploration and guidance. 
- Finding a deep connection to their purpose. 
- Embodying more of who the can be as a leader and influencer and creating the mindset to hold this in place. 

Coaching helps with creating structures and mindsets. It is a place where you get to vision the 'impossible dreams' and put concrete plans in place to begin to create them. A good 'life-coach' will create a confidential space for you to explore things in a new and different way. They will help you to see outside the box and bring a fresh perspective to challenges and things that might once have seemed like a problem but that can now find creative and inspiring solutions. Transformational Coaching takes this many steps further with an advanced skill-set to support you and your life goals deeply.

This can be in the sphere of work creation, relationships, parenting, creative projects, your emotional and spiritual life, relationship to money, or something else. Only you know what would really make the difference to you. 

 A Flexible Approach
Transformational Coaching is a flexible approach, designed in such a way that the coach and client work together to achieve the desired goals. It requires you to be fully 'in the game' and to take responsibility for creating a growth mindset that will support you during our work together and over your whole life going forward.

Transformational Coaching empowers you the client to take charge of their experience, allow more of a flow within themselves, releasing any unwanted patterns, and create so much more of the life they want to be living. Guided by a skilled coach, this way of working provides the client with the knowledge and skills needed to transform their experience in a powerful and positive way. It can be a fun and rewarding journey that allows life to expand with possibility
What to expect in a session
First we start with a free 15-30 minute telephone conversation. It's a chance for you to tell me more of what you're experiencing and how you'd like things to be. Together we'll discuss what's happening for you, how you experience this and how it affects you and your life. The next step is to book an initial breakthrough session.  This is a 90 minute session, either in person, or online where we shall dive deep into something that will make a big difference to you. This can be any problem, idea, something that holds you back or something that you want help creating. After this, should it feel right and be what would most serve you, it would then be possible to book a three or 6 month coaching package. 
When we work together it is a special time dedicated to you. Sometimes we shall work together in my client space, and sometimes we might meet in a park, or another space to bring a different perspective to whatever you're experiencing. I create a bespoke way of working to serve each client as an individual. I might suggest things to read, watch and small tasks to do at home to accelerate the changes. I may give you an MP3 to listen to, I may teach you meditation or self-hypnosis techniques to use at home, and occasionally will suggest other practitioners that you might want to see alongside our work as occasionally breath or body-work, yoga or a nutritional consultant would be beneficial to you also. I don't have any set practitioners who I work with for this and of course this is entirely up to you, but I find that a holistic approach is beneficial to many people.

Many of my clients want to integrate therapy for a specific issue, mentoring or spiritual guidance into their work with me. If this is something you are interested in please just mention it when we speak. 

I look forward to helping to guide you on the next part of your journey. Just send an enquiry via the button below and we can create that first conversation

Transformatinoal Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy London and Online with Kirsty Macdonald

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