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Transformational Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Embodiment Training

for people who are ready to experience difference.

Kirsty Macdonald
HPD, DipCHyp, NLP MPrac, MNCH, CNHC (Reg)
One-to-one sessions both in person and online. 

Kirsty Macdonald Transformational Therapist Coach and Guide |

Let Go of What Holds You back
Connect More Deeply to Your Purpose and Passions
Create The Life That You Desire

Using some of the most powerful evidence-based therapies, mindset enhancing techniques, embodiment work, and influenced by the world's greatest wisdom teachings, Kirsty Macdonald has created a deeply transformational way of helping her clients achieve a personal freedom that positively changes their lives, the lives of those close to them and their impact in the world.

Hundreds of people have experienced deep transformation in relationships, career, parenting, purpose and health. This is a chance for you to go deep into an area that could be truly transformational for your life and how you experience it. 

Training and Influences. 
Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner (QCH CogHypDip)
NLP Master Practitioner (NLP MPrac)
Confident Childbirth Coach
Hatha Yoga Teacher (RYT200)
EMI (Eye Movement Integration) 
Transformational Coaching
Vedic philosophy and spiritual teachings
The work of David Deida
Soto Zen (SFZC)

And wisdom and inspiration from many other sources. 


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Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Evidence-based Therapy

Become free from whatever is holding you back using this powerful modality for personal development

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Transformational Coaching


Introductory sessions and coaching packages

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Sleep Easy Sessions

Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Sleeping Well

Three sessions that make all the difference. 

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Become free from Burnout 

Transform your expereince and learn a new way to do life.

Online and in-person sessions available now.

What They Say
"Working in this way is amazingly empowering and liberating. I have literally never felt so free."

"Never in a million years did I think I could truly feel at peace about some of the things that I now feel I have let go of…"

"Working with Kirsty has, and I say without any sense of overstatement, changed my life. I was stuck in so many ways, but working with Kirsty has allowed me to move through things that were blocking my path."

"Kirsty’s power, confidence and incredible knowledge immediately creates deep trust in the process and how she works. Our sessions together always felt collaborative and explorative yet she contained me and guided me in a way that allowed the work to be deep and powerful."

Low Cost
Subsided low-cost and pay-it-forward sessions are available for those on low incomes or unwaged. There may be a short waiting list for these but I believe no-one should be unable to get the help they need due to financial circumstances, so please do ask if this would be helpful to you. 
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