Private in-person Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Transformational Coaching sessions are held both in person and online.

Typically one-to-one and small group work is held in London and Southern California, but if you would like to explore the possibility of us holding a workshop or talk or one-to-one deep-dive session where you are please get in contact to discuss the possibilities. 

Details of talks and workshops are listed on this site as they happen. Due to Covid-19 all live events are currently postponed but one-to-one sessions are available in person in in London and online.


If you would like to arrange an online event for your community or workplace do get in contact and we can discuss possibilities. 

For all press enquiries or collaborations please drop us a note using the contact form and we'll be in contact soon. 



Kirsty Macdonald

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London, UK, Ojai, CA, and Online.