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Spring Whisperings - A Nourishing Journaling Practice

How to create a new relationship to what you need - today.

Do you ever struggle to know what you feel, what your mind and body need, or to know what the next right move is?


It's a big question, "What do I need right now?" and often one that isn't asked due to busy life getting in the way.


And it can be confusing when we dig into it. What bit of 'I' do I mean, and how to know the answer?


What does the body need or want?

What does the ego or mind want?

What does the emotional part of us want?

What does our soul desire?


It's a gift to yourself and to your life to pay attention.


But there's a difference between listening and deep listening. There's a difference in what happens when we actually hear.


And, when we really go into this practice, we can often find that we have conflicting desires, needs and wants too.


Perhaps this feels confusing or bewildering? Often people think that they won't know what to do so just don't go there.


But if you don't you may be keeping yourself trapped in winter.


Journaling can be helpful in freeing things up and in creating a dialogue of negotiation between any conflicts that may arise.


And overall, what could your intuition tell you about all of this? If you were to know something from a deeper place inside of you, what would that say?


Write it out and see.


If you get still and take time to really listen you might be able to know something from a different place that really could make the difference to you today.


And then the very important piece is to take action.


Maybe something needs adjustment in some way, perhaps a boundary that could be set, something asked for, something to let go of, or something new to do or to learn.


This is what I call nourishment. It's when you gift your 'self' something that begins to fill you up. A simple journaling practice with powerful results.


It's springtime just now, and flowers can't grow without the right conditions. Are you setting the right conditions for your own personal and spiritual growth?


With love,

Kirsty Macdonald

Transformational Coach, Therapist and Embodiment Expert






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