Resources for Sleeping Well 

Many people find that at some point in their life their sleep becomes disturbed. Whether it is because of unexpected stress,  the disturbance of a regular routine, through travel, young children and very often because of something that just can't be pinpointed, sleep issues are increasingly common. 

One of the key things that can help is to think of your mind and body like a glass of water that needs to be regularly emptied to avoid it brimming over. When we get too full it can be increasingly difficult to come down enough to rest well. Our systems remain on red alert at the time we most want to let go, sometimes for good reason, but more often than not, because it forgot how not to. 

Below you will find tools, articles and things to listen to that will help. And feel free to contact me if you would like to talk about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you or someone you love directly with sleeping. There is so much that can be done. 

A Downloadable Hypnosis Track for Sleep (MP3)

A Breathing Technique For Relaxation And To Aid Sleep

Huffington Post Article on Sleep

This article was published quite some time ago now, but it contains a few tips that may help.
Huffington Post Article on Sleep and Stress

Kirsty Macdonald on Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a wonderful resource. You can find one of my popular sleep downloads here. If you find it helpful or relaxing it please show your appreciation by leaving positive feedback as it can really help others who need help with their sleep too. 

Insight Timer | Kirsty Macdonald | Sleep.png