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Sleep Easy Sessions

Online and In-person Sleep Clinic
Help with Sleep Issues and Sleep Disorders
With Kirsty Macdonald

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Let go of Sleep Disorders and Learn to Sleep Well

3 bespoke Sleep Sessions to help you achieve lasting peaceful sleep. 




Your Bespoke Sleep Clinic for Sleep Disorders and Issues

How it works

Pre-session Questionnaire

Before your first session you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out giving a full picture of your sleep habits, sleep issues and also giving a clear indication of any anxiety or stressors in your life that may be a contributing factor to your sleep patterns.

1st Session - Clearing.

In this session we will examine the emotional, conscious and unconscious blocks that you specifically experience and that are creating sleep issues and get in the way of your being able to sleep more easily right from your first appointment. These can be obvious, or incredibly subtle, but once conscious and unconscious alignment is achieved restful and peaceful sleep becomes so much easier.

2nd Session - Relaxation and Mindset for Sleep

In this second session we look at your relationship to yourself, to your body and to the world. Creating effective sleep patterns depends on being able to connect to your mind and body's ability to let go and relax. Here you will learn how to do this for yourself and connect to your own innate ability to drop to a place that allows you to sleep well. 

3rd session. Creating ongoing supportive habits.

In this session you will learn tools and techniques to aid your peaceful sleep going forward. These will be bespoke to you and your own individual requirements, but can include breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness techniques, life orientation work to eliminate ongoing stressors, and positive psychology tools. These are all designed to give you autonomy over your expereince and make sleep issues a thing of the past. 

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To ask any questions that you may have, or to book your first sleep clinic session please go to the contact page Here and send a message mentioning 'Sleep Easy Sessions' and detailing a little of what is happening with regards to your problems sleeping, and you will be contacted shortly with a link to book.

The cost for this full package of Sleep Easy Sessions is £750.

Concessions rates are available.

If you would like to know more about these please mention when you make your enquiry. 

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