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7/11 Breathing Technique

7/11 breathing for stress, sleep and to calm the fight or flight response.

In amongst the stresses of day-to-day life we can find that our breathing sufferers. One of the first signs that the body and mind are under stress is that we breathe more shallowly, higher up in our chest and we can find that we are over oxygenating and not fully exhaling the carbon dioxide that needs to leave our bodies fully with each breath. Our breath can become constricted and tight and our bodies more tense than is good for us. One of the first things I look at when I am working with a client is how well they are breathing and where they are stuck.


The relaxing benefits of breathing exercises are well documented. If you practice yoga regularly you will be familiar with pranayama practice which has a number of different breath practices from Lion's breath to Kapal Bhati, all with a different purpose. The purpose of 7/11 breathing is to specifically to counteract the stress response in the body. 

7/11 Breathing - You cannot be relaxed and stressed at the same time. 

A physiological counteraction to stress in the body, this technique of 7/11 breathing is useful if you are stressed, anxious, have panic attacks, need help sleeping, or want to relax more fully.

(please note this is not a substitute for medical attention and you should contact your medical health professional if you're concerned about your health or wellbeing). 


Practiced regularly, this powerful but simple breathing technique can make all the difference in how you are feeling. It is particularly great if you suffer from sleep or anxiety issues, or if you’d just like a short-cut to feeling relaxed. As well as using it in the moment, try incorporating it into a daily practice for the maximum benefit.

A Simple Breathing Technique

The simple premise of 7/11 Breathing is this: Exhale more than you inhale, draw the air gently deep down into your body, towards your stomach and at the same time allow your eyes to be soft and your body relaxed. 

The Steps

Step 1: Sit somewhere comfortable. (although you can do this standing too, it is really good to let your body relax whilst you do this if you can). 

Step 2: Breathing through your nose if possible and breathe in for a count of 7. Imagine the air is moving all the way down into your stomach so it expands gently with the in-breath. 


Step 3: Breathe out for a count of 11. Through your mouth is ideal, but through your nose is fine also. 


Repeat for about 10 rounds or until you feel calm and relaxed, or if you are doing it at night, until you gently fall asleep. 

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss how Cognitive Hypnotherapy or coaching can help you with where you are at in your life do get in touch here

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