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Letting It Go

How happy are you to let go and trust?

The wellbeing we feel is often relational to our ability to be fully with what is here without clinging to a desire for something about this moment to be different. Letting go and finding more trust in life isn't about non-creation, it's about non-conflict. It's about exhale and surrender. It's letting go of what we think should be happening and instead being fully with what is happening.

Let what wants to come, come and let what wants to go, go. Like the ocean tide. Powerfully and consistently in and out, in and out. A momentum and flow all of its own, no matter how hard we wish it to be different.

Letting go is not always easy. Stress, anxiety and many other negative experiences are often caused by our minds trying to take control over things that seem out of control in some way. In reality, most of us spend a whole heap of energy in trying to control what we actually have very little control over, but the illusion is strong and living in the future very tempting.

Just for today, see if you can find a flow that means you can hand over your experience a little more than you normally would - and trust that what you need will come - including the knowledge of when to take inspired action.

Breathe more deeply. Feel more fully. How would it be to open to the possibility that life will deliver a gift to you today? If only you were to be open to receiving it, what would you be noticing differently?

Just for today - make a priority of letting go of what you no longer need to have present in order to be more fully in the experience of this powerful moment.

Let what wants to come, come and let what wants to go, go.

If you are holding on to beliefs, habits or something else that is getting in the way, or would like support creating a more inspired and inspiring life contact us here to enquire about one-to-one support or to be kept up-to-date with events, retreats and upcoming workshops both online and in person.


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