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Learn To Sleep Well

There is so much you can do to learn to sleep peacefully Insomnia really can be a thing of the past.

Sleeping well through the night is an essential key to wellbeing and so much easier to achieve than you might imagine...

To sleep well is vitally important as a nourishment for both your body and your soul. We can begin to have a reduced quality of sleep sometimes without realising it and left unchecked over time this can significantly impact our quality of life.

If you have chronic insomnia, or just disturbed sleep patterns it is worth paying attention to sleep hygiene as we would our personal hygiene or mental or physical health.

It is so important that I have an entire page dedicated to it on my website and have contributed to a successful book dedicated to the subject. I also offer a package of 3 sessions for those who wish to permanently change their relationship to sleep, developing calm and restful sleep cycles that will thoroughly nourish your mind and body and have chronic sleep disorders and sleep disturbances a thing of the past.

You can find all the resources to sleep well here on my website.

To book a Sleep Easy Package find out more here or simply send a note via my Contact page to schedule.


This wonderful book Teach Yourself to Sleep, by Kate Michail, published by Piatkus (June 10, 2021) is available now. It is helping thousands of people to understand how to sleep well at night and is well worth a look.

You can purchase it at all good booksellers, but I particularly like Foyles, one of our oldest bookshops here in London, UK.


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