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Swim Free - Who, or What Are You Surrounding Yourself With?

Swimming in an inspiring sea, and other stories.

Inspiring Inputs and Clearing the Waters

You are a collection of the inputs in your life. You are the sea you swim in.

Each cell is built from the quality of what you nourish - or deplete - yourself with. The people you surround yourself with, the food that you eat, the things you watch and read, the environment you work and live in are all vitally important in the making up of your experience and in how you present yourself to the world.

Freedom feel good and access your fullest potential comes from clearing away pollutants of the mind, body and the environment you move within. It comes from clearing the path to create clarity.

How can you swim free if the water is polluted?

We can become blind to murky water if it's our only experience.

Today, take an audit of your life.

Make three columns:

1. People

2. Environment

3. Food and drink

Against each, mark what you consider to be positive and supportive (p), and what is a negative input (n).

What can you see from this? What can you now know about where to make adjustments? Can you ask for more of what you want and need?

Awareness is one of the most important things.

Action is the other.

Can you create a beautiful azure sea to swim in? Make a difference now to those things that are easy, and for the harder ones, or for the ones where you feel stuck, ask for help.


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