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An Extraordinary Way - Transformational Coaching with Cognitive Hypnotherapy

People often ask what I do and how I do it, and the honest answer is the only way to really know is to experience it for yourself. We all hold patterns of behaviors and beliefs that get in the way of possibility. Sometimes this manifests in being held back in the workplace, or in blocked creativity. Sometimes in dysfunctional relationships - with ourselves as much as with others.

I combine Cognitive Hypnotherapy and coaching in a unique way that starts first with shifting those more therapeutic issues - there are hundreds that affect people such as a deep seated belief of not being good enough, or deserving of success, or having an internal glass ceiling of some other kind - and then moving to integrating positive changes that are created in a way that opens up a huge amount of freedom and success, both personally and professionally. It is a supportive journey that can focus on so many different areas but that touches all aspects of my clients lives.

Things people have worked on with me include:

- Letting go of limiting beliefs and creating new powerful and positive ones.

- Relationship therapy and coaching

- Getting clear on the deep motivations for what they do to supercharge their mission.

- Strategic inspired thinking and support with a new business idea.

- Creative sessions to plot out a new book, a movie idea or other creative project

- Positive parenting strategies.

- Connecting to the power of intuition and trust.

- How to use their public profile to create more good in the world.

- Clarification of a message or legacy project.

- Presentation and speaking skills.

- Overcoming health issues and restrictions.

- Creating an ideal business structure to support their desired lifestyle.

- Spiritual exploration and guidance.

- Finding a deep connection to their purpose.

- Embodying more of who the can be as a leader and influencer and creating the mindset to hold this in place.

It is all about being supported to create life from a different perspective. Our sessions are a place where you get to vision the 'impossible' dreams and put concrete strategies and plans in place to create them. I create a confidential space for you to explore things in a new and different way. They will help you to see outside the box and bring a fresh perspective to challenges and things that might once have seemed like a problem but that can now find creative and inspiring solutions. Transformational Coaching with Cognitive Hypnotherapy takes traditional coaching many steps further with an advanced skill-set to support you and your life goals deeply.

To find out more just book a discovery call HERE, or book in your initial 90 minute session HERE.

Change is aways so much closer than you might think.

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