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Being with Kirsty

Come and Join Our Weekly Online Group
Starts 20/01/2022

Being with Kirsty Macdonald _ Satsang Sessions for Personal Freedom.png
Would you benefit from learning how to relax your whole system, let go of the things that get in the way, and find a more powerful centre to create the coming year from?

Kirsty is hosting a 6 week group from January 2020 - and you are invited!
7pm GMT | 11am PST | 2pm EST

You will learn:
To meditate in a way that creates a greater sense of peace and stillness within.
How to live with greater wellbeing and a greater connection to mental and physical health. 
Tools for intuitive decision making.
How to deepen your connection to yourself and your life. 
And much, much more. 

Investment: £111
Tickets are available on Eventbrite.
Come and join us for this relaxing and nourishing start to 2022. 
It'll be lovely to see you there.

About the Sessions:

Life can be so fast paced that often we don't have time just to pause and to be. It is in the being that we can find space to know more of who we are, what is important for our lives and how we want to relate to the world around us. It is in the 'being' that we find everything we need. It is in the poetry of the exhalation that we begin to know that immense, wise place that lives inside us all. 


You are invited to join Kirsty in these sessions for 90 minutes of silence, reflection and inquiry, to guide your awakening into a clearer realm of 'being'. 

Community satsang. 6 evenings from January 2022. Drop into one, or book all 6. All the details to book are at the bottom of this page.

Recently clients and friends have said:

'I wish I could just let go and relax'.

'I can't see the wood for the trees. Life just feels so busy and stressful.'

'I wish I knew what I actually wanted.'

'Am I ever going to resolve that thing that holds me back?'

'This year I will learn to meditate, do more yoga, be more mindful, (etc.)'

'I really want this coming year to be more meaningful.'

'Surely there is more to life than this?'

'I'd love to find a community of like-minded people.'


Is any of this familiar to you?

Many people have a distinct feeling that there's more to life, and the tendency is to reach for something on the outside to see if that helps. But what if you had the answers already, if only you could connect to them?

In this friendly and relaxed 6 week drop-in group you will learn how to rest in the centre of who you are, in a way that can feel so good.


What to Expect

In each session we start with a meditation, followed by a teaching designed and a chance for you to ask questions in order for you to integrate your understanding and deepen the relevance to your life and what you are currently experiencing.

In this series of satsangs you will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect far more deeply to your wellsource of intuitive wisdom that can guide you through your life.

  • Learn meditation and mindfulness and connect to a greater stillness that allows you to underpin your life from a place of calm relaxation and deep appreciation.

  • Experience what it is to drop the beliefs and thought patterns that hold you back.

  • Be guided in understanding how you can develop more supportive thought patterns and behaviours and how these can be best directed to support you and your life.

  • Learn more about ritual and daily practice for personal and spiritual growth.

  • And you will be supported in an online community of people all who are on the same journey as you.


About Kirsty

Kirsty has well over 10,000 hours of one-to-one client work and workshop teaching experience. Her expertise includes a wide range of modalities focusing on unconscious mind change, body energetics, performance, breath, spiritual awareness and life mastery.

Kirsty is an NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy master-practitioner, and Transformational Coach, modalities that have been deepened through more than 25 years of experience of various styles of meditation and yogic practices, intensive personal practice and work with some of the world’s leading teachers on life performance, spirituality, intimacy and embodiment.

Kirsty has run a highly successful practice in Harley Street, London, presented at TEDx and have been a regular contributor to The Huffington Post. You can find out more here.


What They Say

"My life is more positive, I am more productive and I am happier. I actually feel as though I have a life again! I notice the influence of the sessions on a daily basis in subtle and not so subtle ways."

"Kirsty presence, space holding and questioning is magical and allows for deep lasting change to occur surprisingly quickly."

"Kirsty’s power, confidence and incredible knowledge immediately creates deep trust in the process and how she works. Our sessions together always felt collaborative and explorative yet she contained me and guided me in a way that allowed the work to be deep and powerful."


We start on the auspicious day of 20/01/2022 and run each Thursday evening for 6 weeks. Feel free to book for just one event of all 6.



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