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To Step Out of Mediocrity

How to live life lit from the inside to light up our world.

To make an active choice to step out of mediocrity and live from a different place is one that many people won't get to but once you know what is possible you can never unknow it. And here you are. We haven't yet reached anywhere near to a tipping point, but that awareness shift is happening for more and more people now.

Today I read the most inspiring post from a soul who has lived their life with such integrity and aliveness. It is rare to read posts like this on Facebook.

Whoever and wherever we are, and whatever it is that we do, it is a most important thing to pay exquisite attention to being fully lit up and in this life and to making the choices that support that. The view from the mountaintop is incredible. Do all that you can do know it and encourage others to join you.

In the west we are far less happy, yet we are wealthier and apparently have so much of what we need than some of the poorer nations. There is so much focus on poor mental health yet very little on the deeper underlying reasons. This to do with the body and mind being unable to cope with what we're asking of it in excess, loss of connection to community and nature, and all the other maladies of modern living. We encourage the dulling of life-force through what we eat, chemically produce and absorb, how we educate and our built environment. We are harming our planet in frightening ways each time we shop and consume, and travel and yet we refuse to look clearly at what is happening.

This is unbelievably mediocre at best.

"Please remember the greatest curse is to Live a Life of Desperate Mediocrity".


To step out of mediocrity is to be with it all - the beautiful and the horrific - to consciously let go of the beliefs, habits, behaviours that get in the way and create new ones that light you up so much more, and to then make active choices to play this game of life as beautifully as you know how.

It's about not getting distracted by the dying leaves when the tree roots are stifled. There will always be another leaf that needs attention. But deal with the roots and the tree will grow healthy and green.

The air is good on the top of the mountain. Whoever you are, whatever you do, as a gift to yourself and to us all, do what you need to do to get there and see what you can begin to know differently from there.


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