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Morning Insight Walks

Morning Insight Walk

There are many ways we begin to lead in our own lives more fully. Intentionality is important. Setting the conditions for inspiration too.

As part of my morning practice I like to take time to pause and reflect and see what wants to bubble up as an insight or knowing. Often I will take a walk in nature, perhaps read some poetry or listen to some uplifting music and dance around the kitchen. Sometimes I keep this time private and sometimes I will share this here with you. Often what one of us experiences, others resonate with. Inspired leadership involves having access to all aspects of yourself - even those that want to hide away. Not all needs to be shared, but sometimes some of it might want to be. Is there permission available for that? Will you grant it, or are you waiting for others to? And will you be the one who grants it to others more fully today perhaps?

Bringing all of yourself into play is something that very often is a strange concept. What does that mean to you? How would it look if you did?

Feel into this for yourself and see where you go.

Your insights here are precious.

Cherish them and they will serve you well.


My morning insights on this day (feel free to share yours below - whatever the day).

Today this was my misty morning walk. The blue skies are hiding under this beautiful blanket of opaque air. Lockdown has made me stay through a whole London winter these past months and as much as I’m missing a dusty desert or swimming in a blue sea, I’m in love with staying with all that is here - and not checking out to any of it.

Any zen master will tell you that freedom is found in paying exquisite attention to this moment, but how often, out of the monastery, do we practice this well and with consistency? Lockdown gives us this opportunity and it can be so full of growth if we are willing to go there.


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