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Freedom: When You Can Let Go Of The Idea of The Permanent Personality

In the quest for personal freedom, there are many places to start creating openings where difference can be experienced. To begin to let go of the idea of a permanent personality and move towards a more flexible and flowing view of self is one of them. To then move even more over to a place where you can see how made up the who experience of this life is can then be the next stage. But for now let's stay with looking at the flexibility in thoughts, beliefs, habits and behaviours that make up your sense of self - the characteristics of your personality.

One day you are born and from that moment you are an evolving, growing mass of cells, working out a sense of self in relation to others and this world. The idea that once we reached adulthood we are essentially fixed in who we are is now acknowledged to be false, however many people still hold a deep belief that their thoughts and behaviours are somehow permanent and difficult to change.

As well as the coaching and spiritual teaching that I offer, am a trained Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner. In my work with clients I see just how easy it is for people to let go of patterns that might have been held on to for years. To learn to let go of the idea of the permanent personality is so freeing. To become deeply aware that we are not fixed but that we are changing, evolving human beings, with changing, evolving thoughts and we have a choice about how we interact with the world is incredible for every individual who experiences it. And even better, freedom isn't about learning something new or about having more to do, but instead about letting go of what you learnt to hold on to that is no longer necessary, and just being you. True personal freedom is found in letting go of the beliefs, habits and behaviours that may once have existed to keep you safe but have been getting in the way, and finding a flow to life that is from the place before you learned how not to.

And so in this process you also get to make up your personality over and over again in an image that makes you feel good about yourself and is useful to what you want to create in the world. Really this is about stripping back everything you learnt to layer on and be free to express who you are. The core message that I work to with all my clients is Be You - in every moment, however that you wants to express - and you will learn this beautifully and powerfully over time. Be you as fully as you know how, because it is from that place where the magic happens. When we live to this we can truly let go of what limits us and have such a better experience of life.

The world needs you as a full participant so as a gift to yourself and those whom you love and lead. Learn to evolve and adapt to this moment. Be like water and enjoy the flow of fully being you.

If you are interested in exploring how Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Transformational Coaching and Embodiment can help you and your life do get in touch here.


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