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I Want to Change

"I want to change", or "I want others to change", or I want to create organisational change": One of the motivating factors for people contacting me is a desire for change.

Often it can feel like change isn't possible on our own. I often say that it's important to work with a teacher, coach or guide because together we are stronger. And the best people will always point you back towards what you already know better than you can do for yourself rather than pretend to be more expert than you.

It is true that you can't ever see it all for yourself because you are too close to the tree to see the woodland. It's a human trait to be in a feeling of flux. It's normal, although not always desirable to feel like there's lots to learn.

I used to think it was complicated and now I see the incredible simplicity of it all.

All my clients come to me because they want something to change. Often those things can feel quite large and difficult, but as we begin our work together it becomes apparent that it can be the smallest changes that lead to the biggest difference - and they can happen so much easier than you might think. It can be the slightest shifts in perspective that open the largest doors. Sometimes it can be difficult to believe this to be true, particularly if you are in the middle of difficult times in your life or if you are feeling particularly blocked. However it is true that some of the things that look like they might make no difference at all can be the beginning of incredible shifts in insight, in habits, in the quality of relationships, in how you lead others, what you create and and overall, in seeing the world differently.

Change can feel scary at first, until the mind realises how little attention it needs to pay to that old thought. And change doesn't have to be drastic. It can feel gentle and sometimes almost imperceptible, and yet incredible powerful. Small shifts in the sand are often a huge step in a wonderful new direction. Often millions of people are positively affected by one slight shift in awareness from a world-leader, and one child experiences the powerful new insights of a parent that changes their world. In fact any change is success if it's in the right direction for your life. You don't have to see the whole picture - just what is the next thing that by it opening will make the difference.

If there were a metaphor for this in your life what would it be?

Contact Kirsty Macdonald here to find out how you can engage in the change that can really make the difference.


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