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Making Good Decisions


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Making good decisions: A client of mine wanted this to be the focus of our conversation this recently.

The questions:

What you can do vs what you should do.

What is possible vs what is right.

So we dived in to talking about decisions. Decisions as a concept really interests me as so often people choose the habitual path, worry about doing the 'right' thing, or get wrapped up in the expectation of others and follow the 'shoulds'. Whatever it is so often we feel as though we have far more of a say in the matter than we actually do and can get wrapped up in the stress of making a 'good' decision.

So whatever your current beliefs about personal agency (and if you spend enough time with me that will be unpicked in an incredible way!), decision-making can often be a cause of stress, as it was for my client at this point in our work together.

Clearly, what often seems to be the thing you can do at first sight is not always the best option, but it is common to get hijacked by taking the option of doing nothing, or a well worn and often unconscious path of safe action rather than making an active conscious decision. I'm not at all a fan of the word 'should' either. So often I hear this word when a person is considering what to do. Who says we 'should'? Usually someone in our mind, or externally, who is not ourselves.

Many people live a reactive life rather than a creative one. And quite often we get really good at creating in one area of life but are incredibly reactive in another.

Until now.

Because it can be easier than you think to make really good inspired - and relaxed decisions.

Setting a high bar for what you say yes to is one way to begin to make a change.

The other is knowing that nothing ever has to be right. It is just the next thing you are saying yes to. The next normal yet incredible adventure of your life.

And it's always worth bringing the word 'trust' into the equation. You will have your own relationship to this word, but the more you can, the more you will, relax about decisions that might once have been difficult for you.

We always live in forward motion. We are moving through time - from birth to death. Despite what we would sometimes like, we can't go back, therefore the next decision is just the next thing to happen in this chain of our lives. And if you decide, more often than not, to be a yes to the decision that inspires you the most then you'll always be ok. You'll always wake up in the morning an active part of your own incredible adventure.

And the more you do this, the more you can become an even greater yes to your life. And that is important for you are here to live inspired my friend. The more your mind will go seeking more inspiring experiences in the small and large events of your life, the more you benefit and the more we all do/ The world changes one inspired decision at a time. Trust in it as much as you are able. You've got this!

If you'd like support letting go of what it is that holds you back and creating more of your inspired life, then get in touch. We offer one-to-one packages, special events, online teachings and workshops. We'd love to have you join our inspired community.

With love.



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