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The Power of Finding Our Inner Autumn

Autumn Leaves |
The Power of Finding Our Inner Autumn

Before, winter was here with it's quiet and stark stillness. More darkness as the natural world (for that is what we are) rested more fully. Dormancy and a greater pause is what it called forth in this time. And then spring came with her paintbrush of germinating life-force that insists in colouring it all in, in her very own way. The lusciousness of new life and new growth that is as beautiful and unstoppable and growing and nurturing as we know it to be, and then so much more so. She shows us things, this beautiful maiden - brings to light the new, whether we like it or not. Then comes the bright summer rays as they illuminate and heat provide the power source to go higher and higher - and sometimes higher still. Expansion, through the heat and the sweat, it's dance dry and intense. Here we throw off our clothes and walk barefoot on the land, swim in the waters, both actual and metaphorical. We feel it as much as our capacity allows. More and more. Open and up. Wide and vast. Sometimes burning up. Touching the edges of life.

But like everything that is of a cycle, and so everything we know, it moves and changes and at some point needs to come down again. What rises must fall, what expands must contract, what heats must cool.

The incredible pulse of life.

So now autumn (or fall). How present to this can we now be? The gentle coming down and in. Softer, cooler. Integration, absorption. Letting go and letting God. The move and release. Exhale to inhale. How easy is this one? What do we cling to? What do we now know? How do we digest and integrate all that has opened and learned and expanded?

In this time we can often listen more closely to the quiet whispers inside. What a gift to hear and notice this and learn to create from here.

Letting go of the high and landing in this place now. And now this. What wants to be spoken? What calls to be explored? How felt is the feeling? How clear is the way?

This past year brought so very much for us all to digest and move into differently. Sometimes the messages are so quiet we can ignore them for a time, and sometimes they shout so loudly and insistently. Some things may have obviously come up for you over this time. What might they be pointing to? What is important to your soul? What do you choose to notice now? And what does that mean for your life and for what you are creating?

Breathe with it. Be here in these gifts, today. This is the new. The start of this breath is always full of possibility. What do you choose in this one?

Today I allow autumn to hold me in preparation for the winter that comes. I am enjoying noticing in a smaller way, feeling the closeness of the green against a grey sky, allowing the coolness to remind me of the inner and of what I know from a deeper more still and ancient place. And sharing this with you feel good. A connection. A community. Wanting to invite a gathering of the change-makers, leaders and healers of this world to experience this time we are in together and the be supported in the exquisite awakened humanness we all can bring to this world. It is needed don't you think? All our gifts opened into fully. Clear energetic systems, healthy bodies, uncluttered minds.

That's where I am, how about you?

Kirsty Macdonald 2020

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