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Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy for Performers & Creatives

Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Embodiment Training and Coaching for Performers & Creatives.

Actors, Writers, Singers, Dancers,
Musicians, Directors & You

Hypnotherapy for Performers | Hypnosis for Actors |


Cognitive Hypnotherapy For Actors, Performers and Creatives.

Align the Mental, Emotional and Physical.

Bespoke Sessions to support you all that you need to truly shine. 





Being a creative or a performer brings many specific challenges that hypnosis, NLP, embodiment techniques and coaching can get right to the heart of. 

Stage Fright.

Physical and Emotional Blocks.

Personal and Performance Fears.

Method Acting Character Development.

Emotional and Physical Character Release After a Job Ends.

Emotional Regulation During Performance.

Somatic Release for Performance Freedom.

Help with Quickly Switching From One Role to Another.

Audition Technique.

Success Coaching.

Hypnosis for actors as well as other performers and creatives can be such a game-changer. Whether you want to get into a role more fully and develop your character, let go of something such as stage-fright, or a lack of self-belief that is holding you back, or fully let go of a particularly intense job when you're done and wanting to relax, hypnosis, NLP, coaching and embodiment techniques can quickly and easily make the difference. 

Originally training at RADA and later running a highly successful Harley Street Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Coaching practice, I have worked with highly successful and often award winning movie, TV and theatre actors, conductors, directors, opera and musical theatre singers, dancers, choreographers and musicians. If you have something that you wish to work on do get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities. 

Sessions are fully confidential.

Book your free introductory call HERE and let's see what could be possible for you. 

Or to book your first session please go to the contact page here and send a message detailing a little of what you would like to work on and you will be contacted shortly.

After the first no charge call, the initial deep-dive session is 90 minutes long and is £250.

Longer-term coaching packages start at £5000.

Concessionary rates are available*

(If you would like to book a concessionary rate session please mention when you make your enquiry.) 

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