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Inspired Leadership, Michelle Obama and You

The buds are sprouting now. It will soon be time for the tree outside my bedroom window to explode into it's blousy pink cherry-blossom fullness. It's early. As I lie still in the half-dark, I can hear the songbirds celebrating this movement in seasons announcing the pause before day-break. They love it too, I'm sure. Spring pushing past the shoulders of winter and running towards the open arms of the summer months.

The morning birds and the readying flower buds talk to me of possibility and of innate life-force. This is something I am deeply passionate about, particularly in these strange times of ours. My work involves helping often very influential clients to connect to far more possibility than they could ever have imagined in how they can influence more positively. But they know that it is not enough to stop there. Once possibility is known, inspired action must be taken.

The world needs our action. Considered, world-changing, awakened and enabling; It is important that people everywhere create a lot of this right now.

It can sometimes be hard to grasp what it is I'm pointing to, until you know it well. Last week we watched the documentary "Becoming" about Michelle Obama. Here is a woman who completely embodies what I teach. I'm sure she has her very human up and down days, but what we saw portrayed in this film is a woman inspired, lit up and dedicated to helping others light up too. Michelle Obama comes across as a woman dedicated to empowerment through inspiration. Dedicated to individually and collectively changing the world one person - or millions - at a time, depending on the day. Of course, Ms Obama is in a particularly unique position, but we all have the opportunity to inspire far more than we often realise. How we get out of bed in the morning is as important as how we lead in the work-place, or as a parent. There is a ripple effect that matters here. How we do something is how we do everything, and inspired action starts by igniting our inner spark and then learning how to radiate this out to the world in many different ways. How as individuals we express ourselves in the world is as important as the big political influence of world-leaders and the boardroom decisions of multinational executives. For your child will be the next political leader, and the person from whom you buy your morning coffee will be the journalist who writes about them. Does they way you interact with them help or hinder the world we are all are taking part in? Does that light shine through your eyes with a feeling of yes you can, or no you can't? Have you even thought of it that way before?

The next something (or someone) we engage with is as valuable as that big thing we plan to do at some point in the future. I believe in the radical act of inspired living as a way to change the world. It's not always easy as we go through the ups and downs of our lives, but it is possible to ignite from the inside to create this world-change. You can see it through the sparkly eyes of the former first lady of the United States and in yourself when you let go of some of the stories and habits that hold you back and decide to dedicate this moment to a greater cause.

Innate life-force wants to help you along. The radical action of inspired leadership begins with you - now. If you would like to enter into a conversation about how I can support you in what you are here to do in this world, do get in touch. We are not here to do this alone, but together. Someone once said to me that their mission for their life is to leave each room with more love in it than when they arrived. Perhaps we can together leave this world with more love and empowerment and inspiration too. The possibilities of how are endless and really quite exciting - when you let them inspire you.

To contact Kirsty Macdonald to enquire about one-to-one sessions, workshops or for press enquiries please send a note via this contact form and we will be in touch soon.


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