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Supported Space For You

You Are Your Most Important Resource

Are you someone who knows they have a gift and something to offer the world but feel somehow stuck, or held back?
Life’s circumstances, your beliefs and self confidence perhaps?
I can help you connect more deeply into your most inspired dream of life through:

Spiritual connection
Emotional freedom
Strategic support
Take a step forward into creating your world and giving your gifts through your enlivened and inspired self. Let go of the things that hold you back:
Self worth
Giving to others more than self
Feeling under-nourished in so many areas
Frustrated - wanting to give more of your gifts
Feel time is passing by
You will discover that balance is key. Balancing the energies of the body, balancing lifestyle and harmony in your relationships with yourself and others out there in the world. 
Expressive feminine - creation energy
Healthy masculine structure - get stuff done
In Sanskrit these are known as Ida and Pingala, that when balanced open into the Sushumna nadi, the central channel, or middle path. It is in this space that flow begins. 

The offering. We will dive into:
Permission to be joyful, creative, to live in abundance, to play, to be in community. 
Clarity - what am I here to give to the world and how do I do it?
Health and emotional wellbeing - healthy open breath, healthy open body, healthy open heart. 
Strength and resilience - Financial stability, boundaries, asking for what you want and need. 
All you need to do is:
Bring yourself. 
Enjoy breathtaking nature, warm sunshine, inspired workshops, movement, changework and community.
Let go of what you no longer need. 
Take away inspired change.

How Can Transformational Coaching Help You?

This is a supportive journey that can focus on so many different areas. Things my clients have worked on in our sessions include:

- Letting go of limiting beliefs and creating new positive and supportive ones on a deep unconscious level.
- Getting clear on the deep motivations for what they do to supercharge their mission. 

- Strategic inspired thinking and support with a new business idea. 
- Creative sessions to plot out a new book or a movie idea.
- Relationship therapy and coaching.
- Positive parenting strategies.
- Connecting to the power of intuition and trust.
- How to use their public profile to create more good in the world.
- Clarification of a message or legacy project.
- Presentation and speaking skills.
- Overcoming health issues and restrictions.
- Creating an ideal business structure to support their desired lifestyle.
- Spiritual exploration and guidance. 
- Finding a deep connection to their purpose. 
- Embodying more of who the can be as a leader and influencer and creating the mindset to hold this in place. 

Coaching helps with creating structures and mindsets. It is a place where you get to vision the 'impossible dreams' and put concrete plans in place to begin to create them. A good 'life-coach' will create a confidential space for you to explore things in a new and different way. They will help you to see outside the box and bring a fresh perspective to challenges and things that might once have seemed like a problem but that can now find creative and inspiring solutions. Transformational Coaching takes this many steps further with an advanced skill-set to support you and your life goals deeply.

This can be in the sphere of work creation, relationships, parenting, creative projects, your emotional and spiritual life, relationship to money, or something else. Only you know what would really make the difference to you. 



Transformatinoal Coaching and Cognitive Hypnotherapy London and Online with Kirsty Macdonald

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